Manga written and drawn by horror manga artist Junji Ito.

These are my thoughts of each of the manga stories by Junji Ito as I read them.

From ‘The Bully‘ to ‘Tomie‘; From ‘Army of One‘ to his excellent adaptation of ‘Frankenstein‘.

Boy (Tomie part 14)

An innocent young boy is manipulated into helping an injured Tomie into regenerating. But Tomie's effect may have a lasting impression upon the boy.

Hair (Tomie part 11)

A Father keeps a box of hair from an old lady friend of his in a secret place. But once his daughter and her friend discover this secret, the hair&#82...

Painter (Tomie part 9)

An artist meets a mysterious girl at a gallery opening of his. He soon takes her in as his new model, however, he can’t seem to capture her beau...

Revenge (Tomie part 7)

On a harsh snowy mountain, three hikers discover a naked body sticking out of the ice. Surprising to them, the girl they have found is still alive. Sh...