Manga written and drawn by horror manga artist Junji Ito.

These are my thoughts of each of the manga stories by Junji Ito as I read them.

From ‘The Bully‘ to ‘Tomie‘; From ‘Army of One‘ to his excellent adaptation of ‘Frankenstein‘.

She is a Slow Walker

Junji Ito takes on the zombie genre in this short story. It centers around a couple trapped in their apartment during a zombie apocalypse. The manga i...

Hellstar Remina

A scientist’s daughter is inexplicably linked to a mysterious, newly-discovered planet in the night sky. But when the planet is seen moving at g...

Army of One

Army of One is a one shot manga featured at the end of Junji Ito’s five-part series Hellstar Remina. It tells of the mysterious stitch murders a...